Insurance Check Cashing

Insurance Check Cashing is another fairly common form of check cashing. We have the ability to cash all types of insurance checks for all types of amounts. We can cash your insurance check quickly and efficiently. With our experience in dealing with high volume insurance check cashing, we can get you your money quickly! On the larger dollar amount insurance checks we encourage you to fax it over along with your ID prior to bringing it down to save you time because with insurance check cashing we often have to call to verify the check. As with personal checks and payroll checks, we only charge 1% plus a dollar for insurance check cashing.

Insurance Check Cashing - 1% - Checks Cashed

Insurance Check or Insurance Draft?

Insurance checks can be difficult because often the check is issued by the insurance adjuster or is a handwritten insurance draft. We are able offer insurance check cashing on all of these types of checks. To offer insurance check cashing on these types of checks, we would typically call the insurance company or the insurance adjuster to verify that the insurance check was issued; however, with our significant experience in insurance check cashing, we can often verify the image of the check for you can cash that insurance check right on the spot even without verification in some instances.

Insurance check cashing can also be difficult when they are written out to two parties. If you have a two party check, ideally either have the business sign off on the check and then you bring it in with their signature on it and a business card from them. Or if it is written to two people, we typically need to see both people for insurance check cashing (either together or separately) because we need to make sure both signatures are valid before we cash an insurance check.

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