insurance check cashing

Insurance Check Cashing

Insurance Check Cashing - Checks Cashed 1%Insurance Check Cashing is another fairly common form of check cashing.  We have the ability to cash all types of insurance checks for all types of amounts.  With our experience in dealing with high volume of check cashing of all kinds, Checks Cashed 1% puts the cash in your hands quickly.

On the larger dollar amount insurance checks  the process does take a bit longer.  Because with an insurance check we have to call to verify the check.  Therefore, to save yourself some time, you can fax over As with personal checks and payroll checks, we only charge 1% plus a dollar fee to cash checks, as well as one that you receive from an insurance company.

Check Cashing 1% Is Hassle Free

Insurance checks can be difficult at times.  Which means they can take up to and around an hour to cash an insurance check, due to the verification process.  Because we will need to call the insurance company or the insurance adjuster to verify that the insurance check was issued.  However, with our experience and skilled cashiers, we can validate the check, and put the cash in your hands as soon as they validate your check.

Two-Party Insurance Checks

If your check from an insurance company is payable to 2 parties (people), both parties must be present.  As well as both having their current IDs on them to cash the check for you.

However, if it is filled out to you and a business,  you can do the following.  Ideally, either have the business sign off on the check and then you bring it in with their signature on it and a business card from them.  Or give us a call and fax over a copy of the check, and your insurance information prior to arriving at our store.  Because we can verify the business, contact and confirm the insurance agency prior to your arrival with the actual check and ID.  Thereby, cutting down the time waiting down at our store, and put the cash in your hands!

Turning Checks Into Cash Quickly

Checks Cashed 1% puts cash in your hands fast with our insurance check cashingChecks Cashed 1% check cashing store offers the lowest rates in town.  At our store we cash checks cheaper than anyone else.  We also offer services like Western Union, bill payments, phone cards and much more.  Making Checks Cashed 1% a one-stop check cashing store!  Stop in and see why we are the number one in check cashing!