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Need to Cash a Social Security Check Quickly?

Have cash in your hands quickly when you bring in your Social Security Check to Checks Cashed 1%Social Security Check Cashing is a time honored tradition here at Checks Cashed 1%, LLC.  We’ve been helping residents from Glendale, Arizona cash their Social Security checks for over 15 years.  Our services are very simple, straight forward and do not require you to fill out an application to do so.   Just bring in your check from the Social Security Administration, along with your valid and current government issued ID, and we can cash your check, with ease.

If you have any questions either give us a call, or click on the bottom right of your screen to engage with an assistant via our Live Chat.  Whether you call or click, you can get the answers you are looking for, before you arrive at our store in Glendale.

We Can Cash Your SS Checks, No Matter What the Amount Is

Social Security Checks Cashing is available 6 days a week at our store!Most of us think of Social Security as just providing retirement benefits, that are available to take advantage of once you reach 62 – 65 years old and receive monthly payments.  But it provides workers with disability insurance benefits, if you are unable to work due to injury for at least a year, and on a permanent basis if need be.

However, the application process can be long and grueling.  Even though that the date you submit your claim, marks when your benefits start, there is always a delay.  From anywhere to 60 days to 18 months (or more sometimes) it takes time and patience to persevere through the wait.  In the end, when you do receive your benefits, they will put your back pay in one lump sum.   And here at Checks Cashed 1%, we are able to hand you cash when you utilize our check cashing services, 6 days a week!

What to Bring to Cash Your SS Check at Checks Cashed 1%

If you are looking to cash a large Social Security check, we encourage you to fax your check along with your government issued ID to us prior to coming into one of our locations to cash it.  That will enable us to do any additional work prior to your arrival so we can quickly cash your Social Security check when you come into our Glendale location, on 59th Avenue, just north of Colter Street.

At Checks Cashed 1%, LLC, we value your time and your money, so we don’t want to waste either. That’s why we make it simple and easy to cash your check, no matter if it is a disability check from Social Security, payroll check, income tax refund check, insurance check, or personal check quickly and only charge 1% plus a dollar to cash your check.

Checks Cashed 1% check cashing store is located in Glendale, Arizona and offers the lowest rates in town. We cash checks cheaper than anyone else.