Personal check cashing is a specialty at 1% Checks Cashed 1%. We have the ability to verify the critical information needed to get your personal checks cashed quickly when other check cashing stores in town turn them down. In order to cash your personal check,  just bring in one form of government issued ID and the personal check.

If you are looking to cash a large personal check, we encourage you to fax your check along with your government issued ID to us prior to coming into one of our locations to cash it. That will enable us to do any additional work prior to your arrival so we can quickly cash your personal check when you come into one of our check cashing locations.

At 1% Checks Cashed 1%, we value your time and your money, so we don’t want to waste either. That’s why we make it simple and easy to cash your personal check, payroll check, income tax refund check, insurance check, or Social Security check quickly and we  only charge 1% plus a dollar to cash your check.

1% Checks Cashed 1% check cashing stores in Glendale, Arizona offers the lowest rates in town. We cash checks cheaper than anyone else.