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Payroll Check Cashing

Cash Payroll Checks quickly at Checks Cashed 1%

Payroll Check Cashing is the most common form of check cashing.  And once you are in the work force, you need a way to cash the checks you receive if you do not have a checking or savings account at a bank.  At Checks Cashed 1% we can cash your payroll check in minutes, and put the cash in your hands.  In addition, we will save that information so that on additional visits moving forward, you don’t have to wait while we verify the payroll check every time.  That means you can literally cash your payroll check and go!

The Process to Cash Your Payroll Check

Payroll Checks Cashing at Checks Cashed 1%, LLC

Just bring in your check and one form of your valid and current ID and we can get you started!  No application forms are necessary.  And if you have a large payroll check, we welcome you to fax it over to us prior to arriving with the check in person.  Because it will give us the time to do any additional work needed prior to your arrival.  As a result, once you arrive with your check and ID in hand, we can cash your payroll check without any delays, and put the cash in your hands instantly!

The fee to cash any paycheck is 1% of the check, plus a $1.00 Service Fee at Checks Cashed 1%.  Our services are fast, friendly and straight forward to you, our customer.

Fast Verification Of New Customers Too.  No Extra Charges

At Checks Cashed 1%, we value your time and your money, so we don’t want to waste either. That’s why we make it simple and easy to cash your payroll check,  Social Security check, income tax refund check, insurance check, or personal check quickly and we only charge 1% plus a dollar to cash your check.

Convenient Glendale Location Near You

Cashing payroll checks and money transfers via Sigue to Mexico and Honduras

Checks Cashed 1% check cashing store in Glendale, Arizona offers the lowest rates in town. We cash checks cheaper than anyone else.

Checks Cashed 1% also offer services like Sigue Money Transfers to Mexico and Honduras, Bill payments, phone cards and much, much more. We are truly a one-stop check cashing store!

Stop in and see why we are the number one in check cashing!